The area is famous walking country. The Cotswold Way runs close by, about a mile away, and there are many good walks from the front door.

There are good walks starting right at the door, or you can venture further afield  to Dover’s Hill, for example, or Bredon Hill, and the whole of the Cotswold escarpment is beautiful walking country with great views, especially around Snowshill and Stanton.

You can turn right out of the cottage and walk up the hill on the road until you get to a footpath sign on the left by a gate called Stanthill. You can go across the fields to the church of Saintbury and then through the churchyard and up through the wood and to the top of the hill. You can continue along the road to Chipping Camden past the cottages at the cross roads and then past the large gated house at the start of the woodland. Here, there is a footpath on the left which you can follow down through some lovely fields and then through a wood. At the bottom by the stream you turn left and then left again and follow the path up the hill top to where it comes out on the road above Saintbury. You can either walk back up to the top of the hill by the road, or down the hill to the right and take the turning to Saintbury church and pick up the footpath from there back to the cottage.

There is also a footpath from Willersey church that leads up to Saintbury Church, then you can loop back to Willersey hill and carry on down to the cottage.

At the top of the Hill towards Chipping Camden there is a lovely walk through a wood called Weston Park and an old Roman road called Buckle Street.

There are several maps on the top of the white bookcase in the front sitting room.